Just a few days after the release of his mixtape, There’s A Lot Going On, Vic Mensa dropped the video for the titled track and after learning that choreographer, Ian Eastwood, had a hand in the creative direction, I knew it was going to be something powerful.

With no mansions, cars or flashy props, Mensa kept it simple rapping solo about all of the obstacles he’s been through in order to get to where he is today.

Hands down this has got to be one of the rawest visuals I’ve ever seen-every single emotion in this song is felt through his body language.Vic Mensa had a story to tell and he did nothing short of that.

Salute to all of the creative minds that were involved in this project, you the illest.

Peep the video below and if you haven’t already, take a listen to There’s A Lot Going On available on iTunes now!


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