Its been a little over a week now since Roy Woods dropped his debut album, Waking at Dawn, and its left me asking the question- What the hell is in the water in Toronto that they have so much talent emerging out of there?!

This 10 track offering gives you everything from MJ vibes on “Got Me” to dancehall on “Gwan Big Up Urself” and it’s one that will definitely stay throughout my rotation this summer.

“Down Girl” and “Switch” are no doubt my stand out tracks. Woods’ growth is seen tremendously not only in these songs but throughout this entire body of work. He dug deep and continuously emphasized his unique sound.

Down Girl

“I need a girl that I can freak on a weekday
I need a girl that’s always down to come see me
I need a girl to roll the blunt, to smoke with me
I need a girl to make all this shit easy”

“What do you have? All that I need
You the type of girl to rock gold in your teeth
Don’t care about a rich nigga or a broke nigga
Always keep it real with me, I’m your nigga
Good girl with the bad fat ass
Got me feeling like a nerd with an Asthma attack..”


“Where was they at way back
Couches where I slept at
Never am I gon’ go back
For years I had my own back
I’m still looking for some closure
They can find me on my own cause
I know I said I’d never stay sober
Maybe that’s why I can’t remember”

“They don’t want to talk now
Actin’ like they doin’ something
Now they wanna switch on me
Now they wanna switch on me
I just got my home
Now that I have grown
They don’t want to switch on me”

Don’t sleep on Roy Woods. His talent in undeniable.

Take a listen to Waking at Dawn below and let me know which songs you’re vibin’ to the most!

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