You may have already heard the buzz last week about Kanye West tweeting about JayHype’s new mixtape Who Did It Better, which lead many people to think his account was hacked when in all realness he was just showing love to this up and coming female rapper.

Like many of Ye’s fans, I was curious to check out what all the hype ( no pun intended ) about JayHype was about so I took to SoundCloud to check out her 6 track offering and she did not disappoint.

Putting her own flip to other artists most popular tracks such as Drake’s “Summer 16,” Tory Lanez’s “Uber Everywhere,” and Travis Scott’s “Drugs You Should Try It,” JayHype is giving these dudes a run for their money!

I can honestly say there’s not one song I like more than the other. J has such a distinct sound that she really does stand apart from the rest.

“Pablo on me
Got me flexing on ‘em
New shorty
She be flexing for me
New money
Got ‘em acting phony
Girl was acting phony
Now she touch up on me
Make some moves
Now they think they know me
Come back home
I’m everybody homie
Tryna catch up to me
10 laps ahead
Try and catch up homie”

With Kanye West’s support and her God-given talent, you better jump on her wave now because it’s just a matter of time before she blows.


Take a listen to Who Did It Better below and make sure to follow her to see what she has coming up for us next!

TW : @_JayHype

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