“Visitor, you have landed on Planet Earth. Your mission is to explore new land. Seek. Feel. Communicate .Grow. Connect. Throughout your journey you will encounter many challenges that will need to be observed with love. In order to rehabilitate Earth you must find your inner self. The time is now. Explore.”

With an inspiring new Chapter in his life, Tracey Mills has released his new brand Visitor on Earth and his message behind it is something this world needs -Growth and Change.

Visitor on Earth is a unisex line offering pieces in earth tones such as a hoodie with open sides and double D ring straps (Master,) pants made from waxed cotton (Gravity Pants,) cotton T-shirts (Landing Base Tee), a lightweight quilted jacket (Lando) and a crew neck sweatshirt with split hem and hanging strap on the side (Stardust Sweatshirt.)



This line truly is simplicity at its finest but beyond that it is inspiring.



In a recent interview with Complex, Mills opened up about how he was abused as a child and that fashion was his only salvation- “the only thing that gave me confidence was dressing fresh.”

Now with his new line he’s looking to be a source of motivation for those who have gone through a similar situation as him and that in itself speaks volumes.

” I want to be that socket in the wall that every creative young soul with a vision can plug themselves into and amplify themselves and let them know you will come out of this and do whatever it is you desire.”

VOE is not only dope aesthetically but the overall concept is breathtaking and I can’t wait to see it grow.

Visit Visitor on Earth now to grab your items. Lets rehabilitate this planet together!

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