While other rappers are busy dissin’ each other, 2 of the hottest in the game from P.R., Álvaro Díaz and Mike Towers, have joined forces on their latest collab “De Todos Nosotros.”

Ever since it dropped last Thursday, this banger has made waves all the way to being featured on Source Latino’s weekly wrap up of the hottest tracks. Well deserved, this Young Martino produced track goes hard AF and you already know Díaz and Towers laced it with bars about one of their never ending inspirational topics : Women. What kind of women? The kind that are lovin’ the crew yea they lovin’ the crew.

Young tuvo su turno, tuve mi turno, es solo tu turno,ella es de todos nosotros, manito es de todos nosotros..”

The best part about this song is that a few days prior to the release, Álvarito dropped a voice note from comedian,Chente YDrach,talking about how all of a sudden his girl learned some new tricks in the bedroom and he knows Álvaro and his boy Mike have something to do with it! The voice note was funny as hell and it was the perfect little intro to hype up the track.

Take a listen to what El Chente had to say followed up by Álvarito and Mike’s response on “De Todos Nosotros.”

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