Jeesssusss! I don’t know if it’s his voice, lyrics or entire composition but Lyanno’s newest single “Hacerte Bien” is making me feel some type of way and I like it.

With no better way to describe it, this JonGonz produced track is a panty dropper. Foreal though, ladies close your eyes, listen to this song on HIGH and tell me your mind didn’t just take a trip somewhere.

” Acuestate y cierra las ojos, ahora te voy a dar duro y con enojo porque mañana nose si te tenga, quiere que la trate bien o se va y como maltrato yo hago que se venga…”

”  Quiero que por mi tu tiemblas cuando yo a ti te entre, de mi nunca te vas a olvidar, yo solo quiero hacerte bien…hacerte bien…”

The way Lyanno channels his energy into his lyrics is next level. He’s not forcing the sexy, that ish just oozes out naturally for him and I aint mad at it.

This that baby making music, rain or shine, day & night.

Just in time to get into some trouble this weekend, take a listen to “Hacerte Bien” below.

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