In the thick of everything going on in the world, Boston rapper, Black EL, tries to make sense of it all in his latest track “5 to 6.”

Between working that dreaded “9 to 5” life and on top of that living in a world of chaos and violence, EL serves up some truth on this Durkin and $pe$hil T produced track.

“Cops killing, not this again, dirty water in Michigan, do I feel like a citizen? Box me up try to fit us in..”

” Am I losing it? Gettin’ by, gettin’ through with it, really why do I do this shit? Work for the man aint cool with it..”

We’ve all been through the struggle of trying to figure out just what the hell to do with our lives and how to cope with surrounding situations but like I’ve always said- at least with good music we can escape for a little bit and find that little bit of inspiration we need.

Take a listen to Black EL’s “5 to 6” below!

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