Everytime wavy boy Tory Lanez drops a new track I get even more hyped for the release of his upcoming album I Told You and with the drop of his latest track “Flex” August 19 can’t come soon enough!

With every right to stay flexin’ on ’em, Lanez explains why he got it like that and feels the need to show off a lil bit.

“I got the gas on me
Being broke was the reason
Why all of these females would pass on me
Now I pull up in that S550 and I dash on them
And you know I don’t spend any cash on them”

“When I’m pulling up inside that thang
You know I do my thing
And I drop the top on all these niggas in the way
And this is for the times a nigga shitted on me
You shitted on me, now you see the tables turning my way”

To the ladies that dissed Tory in the past, I bet you feelin’ lame right now huh?!

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