The HIGHLY anticipated almost not even expected anymore album from Frank Ocean is FINALLY almost here. Just last night F.O. dropped a visual album out of nowhere titled ENDLESS on Apple Music and if it’s any indication of what’s to come on his album Boys Don’t Cry, rumored to now be titled Whoa, then yes, it was definitely worth the YEARS of wait.

The monochromatic visual that is ENDLESS, shows multiple Frank Ocean’s building a spiral staircase in a huge warehouse while about 18 new tracks streamed in the background. While watching there was something so calming about seeing the process while his music played-maybe that’s just me but it was almost therapeutic in a way.





Sources say to keep an eye out this weekend for more Frank Ocean. Please God let this be true. I need more.

“What can I do to love you..more than I do now?”

Watch ENDLESS below via Apple Music now!

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