Wavy boy season is definitely in effect!

One of the waviest coming out of Toronto, Tory Lanez, has finally dropped his debut album I TOLD YOU and it is FUEGO!

This 28 track compilation is filled with skits for pretty much every song that help us dive deeper into the life and mind of Fargo. This album is definitely not meant to be heard in shuffle, listen to it track by track. Trust.

This debut project includes Tory’s hit songs “Say It” and “Luv” and it has not a single feature!

I’m completely obsessed with this whole album but you already know I got my favorites! “Guns & Roses” and “All The Girls”are my top picks but the honesty of “Question Is” intrigued me instantly. T.Lanez really put his life out there and I find that to be raw as hell.

Guns & Roses

“What if I told you
You’re like the bullet to my holster
Dangerous but I wanna hold you baby
You’re there when I go through the motions
What if I told you
I could sling you off of my shoulder
Just like a shotgun to a soldier
I bought you all these Guns and Roses”

All The Girls

“Uh, and I wish there was a drug for this
But it don’t seem to be no sort of medication
Even though we signed up for this
Oh I know there’s gotta be a better way
We supposed to be
Lovin’ but we fightin’ over shit we shouldn’t be
And I got a lot of girls that I could see
But you don’t see…

Out of all the damn girls in the world, I done ended up with you
I’m talkin’ all the bad bitches in the world and I ended up with you
Now I ain’t still dwellin’ on them girls, but I know that it’s true
I could have been far along with someone else than you”

Question Is

“My shorty had an abortion for me like 3 times
As hard is that to say that to y’all
I think it’s much harder to keep it silent
I hide emotion behind a face that’s devoted
To only winnin’ this race and this pussy, money and violence
How could I be so selfish and need this time for myself?
Needing time for your health, to recover, I’m on some other
I’m out there sellin’ soaps to these fiends, hopin’ for dough for more myself
23 like is there hope for myself?
Cause if I never have a kid again, I’ll be pissed but I deserve it
I been cursed with all these man made ways
In this earth that I been livin’ in
Sorry for the present problems that I put you on and get you in
Father God, take my soul if I can’t play my role
Cause I know what I’m doin’, it ain’t right, it ain’t wrong
But in mid decisions, takin’ life ain’t the way of life
Cause day and night, I pray to Christ
In all hopes you would forgive me, shawty
Would you forgive me?

Question is, can you forgive me baby
Can you even forgive me for the way I love you?
Can you forgive me for the way I love you?
Can you forgive me for the way I love you?
I love you from a distance
It becomes so persistent
I love you from a distance
It becomes so persistent”

Tory Lanez is riding his own wave and I’m a fan. You can’t listen to this album and tell me he’s not the realest out right now.

Take a listen to I TOLD YOU on iTunes now as well as Spotify and if you’re feelin’ it as much as I am then be sure to catch Tory on his I TOLD YOU Tour!


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