I can’t even lie, I’ve been sleeping on Shake and her 070 crew from New Jersey but I’m definitely WOKE now after hearing their latest single “Honey.”

From beginning to end, this Kompetition produced track had me bumpin’ heavy.  I now understand why the Snap Queen turned BOSS, YesJulz, fucks with Shake and the entire 070 Collective so hard.

With Shake’s unique vocals plus the insane amount of energy 070 has, there’s no way you’re not vibin’ to them.

“You made a mess out of me
Showed me things I couldn’t see
You didn’t know what that’d do to me
Yeah you made a mess out of me…”

“Tell me, baby do you love me, love me, love me?
I know you feel it in your tummy, tummy, tummy

And you sting like a bee
Like a bee
But you’re still my honey, honey, honey”

Take a listen to “Honey” below and comment your thoughts! You down with the 070 or nah?


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