Dominican model, Gemmy Quelliz, is my muse for today’s #ModelMondays and she’s one of the baddest! Whether it be for her dope outfits or her sexy dance moves, she’s sure to make a statement whenever she steps out!


This latina sure as hell has got some fire to her so you already know I had to get to know about her a little more!

Coming from DR Im sure you love to listen to Bachata and some dembow but are there any other types of music you like to vibe to?  
•Of course!! I listen to Jazz, Salsa, Hip Hop.. I just love music in general. It makes me really happy. I dance to anything that has rhythm lol 
What’s your favorite album of the moment? 
•Anti by Rihanna has been stuck in my head!
Are there any female artists that inspire how you dress?
•Rihanna! She can wear literally anything and she always looks flawless! 
How would you describe your style?
• It’s a lil bit of everything, I like playing around with it.. Casual, sporty, sexy, elegant and sometimes tomboy.
If you could work with any musical artist who would it be? What kind of project would you like to collab on them with? 
• Omg you’re gonna say that I’m obsessed with RiRi (which I am) lol but I just love her and I think she’s the baddest in the game.. Anything she does is genius!!! Anything she touches becomes a success! I would like to collaborate with her in a Music video or in her clothing line. To be the face of Fenty by Rihanna would be a dream come true! 
I see you have agencies in NY,Miami & LA? Which city do you prefer culture wise? 
•Definitely New York!! The Dominican community here is huge and the fact that I can find anything that’s Dominican in NY, is priceless! 
If you weren’t modeling what other career do you see yourself doing? 
•Acting… That’s my biggest dream in life. 
Ok last question…Heels or Sneakers?
•Sneakers 25/8 hahaha


With a fashion sense and confidence similar to bad gal Riri, it’s no surprise that Rihanna is one of her biggest influences but Gemmy definitely adds that extra sazón to her style and I’m livin’ for it!

Be sure to follow this baddie on IG to see what she’s up to next!! I see HUGE things for this girl!

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