They gon’ love her for her ambition!

Puerto Rican rapper, Audri Nix, has had her fans anxiously awaiting for new music since the release of her debut EP El Nuevo Orden Vol. 1 and she’s finally unleashed what shes been steady working on in the lab.

Produced by her partner in crime, Overlord, Nix’s latest single “MÁS” premiered exclusively on Beats1 Radio and it’s hands down my new favorite of hers. Filled with ambition, this track is giving me Girl Boss vibes with that Latina fire Audri spits so effortlessly.

“No quiero eso que llega fácil, quiero algo que sea un reto para mi // tener, tener, tener lo que quiero-tener, tener lo que tu no tienes // voy en camino al infinito buscando algo imposible, no quiero eso que todo el mundo consigue, debes saber no vas a alcanzarme, debes saber no voy a conformarme”

Once again the dynamic duo that is Audri Nix and Motha Fuckin’ Overlord prove that perfecting their craft is worth the wait and the take over is about to be really real.

Quiero más, quiero más, quiero más música de Audri Nix!

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