To know Austin Zenere is to know his love for music as well as the love he has for his hometown of Chicago. I have never met anyone rep as hard for their city as he does, well maybe except for Drake but Austin is right up there with him!

From the Windy City to the Concrete Jungle, he has conquered the modeling world all while making time for his favorite part of the year-FESTIVAL SEASON!

Peep the interview I had with Austin below to find out which festival is his favorite as well as his favorite pair of kicks!

Lets start with the basics..What kind of music do you like to listen to?

” I love Hip-Hop or Rap in the morning and EDM during workouts, if you like country then GTFO out of my life LOL “


In one word describe how music makes you feel.

“Music makes me feel REAL … like whatever mood you’re in it gets you “

Who is your fav. Chicago rapper?

” Mr. Yeezus himself “

What’s the last track you listened to?

“The last song I listened to was on the way to work this morning, it 
was “You Were Right by Rufus de Soul”

I see you’re big on festivals, which one do you look forward to going to the most each year?

“Favorite festival is Lollapalooza in Chicago-the vibes the artists … literally located in the center of the city in August couldn’t ask for better time of year .. plus everyone in Chicago is super nice so you get to meet lots of new people … saying that Coachella is truly breathtaking lol”


If you could create your own festival,what would it be called and who would headline it? 

“Hmm well Kanye, Tiesto and LCD Sound System would be the 3 Headlines and I would call it the “Feels Art & Music Festival”

Would you consider yourself a sneaker head?

“Yes 100 percent a sneaker head !!! How could you not be coming from Chicago !!! Favorite pair is the Jordan 11s Space Jam series that drop in 2 months”


Jordans or Nikes?

“Tough call the Nike Mags are the coolest shoes ever but I’m def. Jordan’s all day “

Which artist has the best style at the moment? 

“Oh by far Future has the best style out of any artist ever … all you have to do is open up a GQ because he is on almost every page”

What is the best verse off of your fav song right now? 

Song is “All Night” by Jerreau

(Stayed up talking all night)
Yeah, yeah
(Tired but we go all night
Baby I’ll roll, pass the blunt)
(Stayed up talking all night)
(Take my body it’s so right)

From EDM to Rap, Austin is always sure to hold down his friends with the latest music and if you ever need advice on how to do a festival the right way, he’s definitely your man!

Be sure to give Austin a follow on the gram to see where his adventures take him and the EPIC photographs he captures along the way!

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