It’s official! After many months of teasing their line, MrLittleKicks‘ launched their brand at Shoeligans by SneakerlabPR about 2 weeks ago but now their official site is up and ready for business!

For some time now I’ve noticed artists in PR such as R&B crooner, Rauw Alejandro, rockin’ the brand heavy and after seeing the site and knowing that one of flyest dressers, Armando “Mandi” Pereira was one of the master minds behind the brand I just had to get the facts and get to know about MLK a little more!


Peep my brief interview with Mandi below to get the low low on the latest brand you’ll be seeing around the island and undoubtedly state side soon!

What’s the inspiration behind your brand MrLittleKicks? 

Basically the inspiration behind the brand is our lifestyle, not only the sneaker head lifestyle, but fashion/art overall. Through the back story of each of the main characters you see a kind of evolution from the humble beginnings as a kid aiming high, to being at the top achieving your goal, and that is something that every human goes through, I say that is what really makes it a dope brand, you don’t have to be a sneaker head or fashion enthusiast to enjoy the designs, you can relate to the story from another perspective. 


How long has it been in the works?

The brand has been in the works for a LONG time almost more than a year. I have a friend who is co-owner of the brand, he is well known in the sneaker game not only in PR, but also United States maybe even Europe. His instagram name has always been MrLittleKicks. About a year ago or so I told him that I could design a simple apparel line for his fans. I started designing and we saw how much potential the brand had, so it went from simple merch to full blown apparel line with my goal set on being completely different from any brand currently coming out of Puerto Rico. A lot of hard work has been put into the line, from custom designs that I poured hours into trying to make just right to working and fighting with Alberto, Deborah & Mari over the visuals for the brand, and we are still not operating at 100% capacity. So we got a lot coming soon.

I see you have Tees and Baseball Caps available, do you plan on expanding your merch to include some kicks of your own?

As a fashion design student and sneakerhead that is really one of my big goals, to have my very own sneaker. That being said I don’t really see Mr.LittleKicks as a brand with a footwear line, maybe I’m not thinking that far ahead. For now we can leave it at maybe.



Does music have any influence at all on your fashion sense?

Hell yeah. It’s all vibes. A huge part of my mood depends on what I’m listening to that day, so if I’m listening to some great music you know the fit is gonna be fire. #CEVT

If you could collab with any artist on your line who would it be? 

Artist right now I would have to say my boy Yen, his perspective on fashion, sneakers and other things syncs almost perfectly with mine. If we are talking about another designer hands down it would be Ronnie Fieg. I base my whole design POV on his quality over quantity mentality. No matter how long it takes, it hast to be perfect.

It’s obvious you’re a Sneaker Head, what’s your dream pair of sneakers?

Honestly I don’t think I have a dream sneaker at the moment. The only sneaker I would consider my dream sneaker I already have it which is the Jordan X Just Don collaboration. I stopped collecting jordans a looong time ago, but the Jordan X Just Don is on another level. For me it’s special because it is the perfect representation of my style, “high end” designer flows, but giving it that raw “streetwear” vibe. Don C took the Jordan 2 silhouette and took it to a whole other place hitting it quilted leather all over with suede accents drawing inspiration from the vintage Chanel leather bags.


What are your hopes for Mr.LittleKicks?

Right now we just started and the feedback has been amazing. The greatest thing is that we haven’t even scratched the surface. There is a lot more dope stuff from Mr.LittleKicks coming your way so you best be ready.


After this interview with Pereira you can see how much passion he has for MrLittleKicks and just for Fashion/Art in general. I know he’s just scratching the surface but I can’t wait for him and his whole team of creatives to kick down the doors with all that they have to offer! I’m 100% we can expect great things from this brand!

Head over to MrLittleKicks’ site now to cop a few pieces of your own and be sure to follow them on the gram for the latest!


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