Álvaro Díaz has never been the one to stop creating so while we wait for his HIGHLY anticipated album Díaz Buenos Díaz Malos , he’s giving his fans a little taste of what’s to come off his upcoming EP, SJGP (San Juan Grand Prix) with the release of the first single “Tortura China.”

Playing no games when it comes to production, this Luny Tunes, Lara Project and MONVCO produced track is a crisp new sound for Díaz but with the same romantic lyrical wordplay his female fans love him for.

Taking us on an emotional roller coaster, Alvarito tells the classic tale of being in a relationship but having your eye on someone else. Whether it be the wrong time, wrong place or wrong person, it’s still a tortuous feeling wanting to be with someone knowing you can’t a.k.a. Masochism at its finest.


How refreshing to hear a song about a girl without the use of the word “chingar.” #justsaying

You did it again kid!

Take a listen to “Tortura China” below and be on the look out for SJGP set to come out in November along with some sure to be super ill  visuals!

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