With every new track he puts out, R&B artist, Rauw Alejandro is quickly proving to me he’s the silent killer type. Slowly on the rise he’s letting his talent speak for itself and he’s definitely worth speaking about so if you aren’t already then I suggest you get familiar!

Recruiting one of Puerto Rico’s finest rappers, Álvaro Díaz, Alejandro dropped his latest offering “No Hay Nadie Mas” the other day and it’s already been on heavy rotation on my playlist!


” ..y yo me quede loco contigo y tu te quedastes loca conmigo, los dos tenemos el mismo destino, por ti en el desierto sin agua yo camino // quiereme quiereme mami, desde que te vi estoy puesto pa ti yo se que tu nacistes para mi..”


”  Ella aposto a que no se enchulaba ahora quiere Diaz toda la semana y aunque no siempre me vea dice que para quitar su correa soy numero uno como Correa , el negrito baje y le sube la marea..”

The man behind the beat, Mr.NaisGai, is moving in silence with Rauw and together they are a duo that should not be slept on!

From the lyrics to the vibe to Álvaro’s verse and the cherry on top- Rauw “send chills down ya girls spine” Alejandro’s voice, #NoHayNadieMas is a MUST listen!

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