Álvaro Díaz has gone full throttle hyping up the December 13th release of his upcoming project SJGP with the drop of “Tortura China,” the first visual off the mixtape for “Carro Rapido” and now with tears welling up in my eyes I write to you about his latest single “Todo Bien.”

Included on his future mixtape SJGP, Díaz describes “Todo Bien” as being one of his best creations to date and I agree with that statement 100%.

We’ve gotten some emotional tracks from Alvaro before but this one takes the cake. With voice messages from his mom on both the intro and outro boasting about how proud she is of her baby boy there’s no way this song isn’t tugging on your heart strings. AD has made it known that his mom is his biggest inspiration and he makes that perfectly clear on “Todo Bien” rapping :

“Después que mami tenga la nevera llena 
Va estar todo bien, todo bien
Después que a mami no le falte ni un peso en la cartera
Va estar todo bien, todo bien

Tu cobraste y te compraste un pal de cadenas
Yo cobre y le llene a mami la nevera entera
Tu no sabes el dolor que hay en estas ojeras
Después de un día malo el sol sale como quiera

Y Aunque aveces santa no llegaba auqnue bien me portaba
La mala racha casi no se acaba
Aqui hay que josear pa sobrevivir
Mamá crio un guerrero como Vladimir”


If this song was the only thing I had to reference Álvaro Díaz I still would be able to say confidently he is the GOAT.

When I think of the way he raps the first thing that comes to mind is “Float like a butterfly , sting like a bee” his flow is so laid back yet if you’re listening closely he’s throwing jabs left and right in the most poetic of ways.

Take a listen to “Todo Bien” below, go tell your mom you love her and can we please have a moment of silence for the cover art of this single?! SHEESH *emoji de fuego*

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