Puerto Rican born fashion brand FUBOT is the latest to hit the street wear scene on the island and who better to conceptualize it than DJ collective Fubumo and Antibot a.k.a. FUBOT.


These two creatives have come together to not only provide the vibes musically but now they’ve decided to materialize them with their eclectic taste in fashion.

Drawing inspiration from Apollo, the God of the Arts, FUBOT has designed every single piece themselves.

From graphic Tees to flannels, jeans and hats, each item has a unique design element adding to the exclusivity of each product.



My must-have piece would hands down have to be the flannels. With neon colored graphics on the back, these flannels are far from basic and are extremely limited in quantity. The majority of FUBOT’s F/W ’16 line will only have 11 units of each item available for sale-some are so rare that only 2-3 pieces will be up for grabs.




The price range for products run anywhere from $25-$75 and it’s all worth it to own an unparalleled piece of merchandise with architectural and arts influence.



Every creative needs a little bit of FUBOT in their life!

FUBOT will be launching their online shop on December 15 so mark your calendars and get ready to be a walking conversation starter in your new gear!

Follow @fubotcollective on IG and FB for all updates!


Many will try but not everyone will look this fly 😉


Be sure to take a listen to FUBOT’s Mixtape 001 out now! #vibes


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