It’s been a little over a week since the drop of San Juan Grand Prix and Álvaro Díaz is still taking his victory lap!

Thanks to his fans and his amazing team, Álvaro has not only had his latest project hit #1 on iTunes, had front page recognition from local Puerto Rican newspaper El Vocero but to top it all off he’s made it onto the Billboard charts for the firs time! Talk about ending the year guns blazing! “Eyyy wassupppp!” *Alvarito voice*


Like a true creative, Díaz doesn’t just offer you a couple of dope tracks on SJGP, he gives you an entire concept – a whole journey for you to go on with him straight to the grand finale.


Inspired by Formula 1, Álvaro takes us on a series of laps representing each new phase of the EP. Right from the jump he leaves the competition in his dust with “Grand Prix (Intro)” and one of my favorites “MPH (A Las Millas)” featuring Joyce Santana and Yensanjuan. Skrt Skrt!



“Fendi en la correa, Benjis en la cartera
No me hables de panas, que el unico que importa es el Panamera
Mera groupies que hacen lo que sea yeah
Groupies que ninguna es fea
Pide las botellas que quieras
Solo no me jodas las Margiela
Es Álvaro D, el futuro king
No llegas aqui ni aunque te envie el pin, clique tan clean
LV CIUDVD doing it B I G..”


“De camino a tu casa
Vestio’ pal funeral en Alexander Wang
A 100 millas por hora volando por LV LIUDVD
Gafas Sace (versace) no los veo
Rockstar sin ser rockero
Tu jevo el toro del rodeo
Lo rockea él se ve feo, feo”

Joyce Santana

“Ya casi voy a llegar
Si llamas y no contesto es porque se me va a apagar el celular
Seguro que ya sabes en que parte te lo voy a colocar
No te lo quieres sacar
Quiere que le duela porque cuando duele sabe que es real
Tom Cruise en mood de misional
Juega si sabe que va a ganar”

El negrito later slows things down a bit when he reminisces about an old flame on “Piso 13 (Mia Wallace)” but quickly gets back on track with another highlight “Dime Pa Cuando” featuring the sultry Deborah Blues.

Dime Pa Cuando

“Voy a que si te desvisto te conquisto
Este Hennesy me tiene listo
2AM y le acabo de escribir
Con una bellaquera que no me deja mentir

Me dijo que se acuerda como ponerme cachondo
Que llegue a prender al rooftop de su condo
Nunca corre si le correspondo
Al parecer su jevo ahora va ser un toro como Rondo”


“Llevo tanto tiempo esperando el momento
Para enredarme encima de ti
Dime pa’ cuando
Que estas ganas me están matando
Negro dime pa’ cuando
Que estas ganas me están matando”

“Mantecado De Coco” was another stand out for me because it’s a different sound for Álvaro. The vibe wasn’t something I would have ever expected on SJGP but it was the perfect transition into his winning lap because it gives off a light and happy energy.

And to close out with the ULTIMATE track, Álvaro Díaz gives all the glory to his mami on “Todo Bien.”

“Después que mami tenga la nevera llena
Va estar todo bien, todo bien
Después que a mami no le falte ni un peso en la cartera
Va estar todo bien, todo bien”

Díaz has ultimately manifested his own destiny with SJGP. Quickly after it dropped, this EP made waves all over the internet and it helped give Álvaro and his team not only the recognition they deserve on the island but in the music industry in general.

Lauryn Hill once sang “Come on baby light my fire, everything you drop is so tired, music is supposed to inspire, how come we aint gettin’ no higher” and Alvarito lit that fire, took us on a flight or in this case drive* to an alternative sound away from all the same ol’ tired, copy cat music we’ve been hearing lately and it is much appreciated!

S/O to his team of beast producers: Young Martino, Lara Project, Orteez, Overlord, Vfro, Hydro and Luny Tunes & Monvco for providing the illest beats in the game. You guys are a vibe that can’t be f#cked with.


To get a little more insight into the conception of SJGP peep the documentary below and as soon as you’re done watching it cop SJGP on iTunes now and be on the look out for A.Díaz’s debut album Diaz Buenos Diaz Malos, I have a feeling it’s going to drop at any moment!


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