Christmas came early this year for Roy Woods fans with the surprise release of his newest project titled Nocturnal !

This 7 track offering,including features from Majid Jordan and MadeinTYO, is the perfect follow up to his debut album Waking at Dawn.

“Instinct” ft. MadeinTYO is the highlight single for me off Nocturnal, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that MadeinTYO has a really nice singing voice-he definitely took full advantage of this guest appearance.


“I was for her when you were ready to give her up
I was on it, makin’ missions just to pick her up
Flop an average show right now she did religiously
I can’t trust a nigga or I treat the friends my enemy
You ain’t got sauce like I got sauce (No)
Bitch I got juice, quench your thirst with Ciroc
All the baddies on dat don’t know what I got
No boy, no man could handle my spot..”

With my instinct
Just following my instinct
Just know that I stay in-sync
Never wrong, anyting or anyting in the South”


“Hit me up when you get this
Talk to you girl cause you listen (Hey)
I still love you when you’re bitchin’
She bite her lips when Tokyo switch positions
You ain’t gotta call the Uber when you’re with me (Skrt)
She say she miss her Mother, yeah she from Philly
Rocks in your ear, you know I’m wavy (Skrt, skrt)
Yeah, I’m just following my instincts (Ooh)
Yellow stones like I’m simpsons
I’m just following my instincts (Hey)
Yea I’m ballin’ like a Piston (Ooh)
Tell me what you wanna do
Yeah, I’m just following my instincts (Hey)
Tell me what you wanna do
Yea I’m in the Six, baby coming’ through”

Only 21 minutes long but this OVO signee really knows how to satisfy a girls craving for some new school R&B. Thank you Mr.Woods.

Cop Nocturnal now on iTunes and take a trip with me to Toronto to see what’s in the water because apparently everyone that comes out of there is talented AF!

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