Still hot off the release of his debut album, Punto De Equilibrio, Rauw Alejandro is ending the year right with some new music. Produced by Mr.NaisGai, his latest offering is titled “Misiones” and this R&B up and comer found the perfect way to describe those times when you want to see your boo so bad you’ll do any & everything to be with them.

” Aunque sus padres estén en casa a su cama me invita sin miedo, tu no sabes todas las noches de desvelo en su habitación cuando la abro las piernas siempre pierde la razón así que muerde la almohada..muerde la almohada…muerde la almohada (pa que no te escuchen)..”

I got a chance to catch up with Mr.NaisGai and he told me the idea and completion of this song happened in a matter of just 3 days. To be able to go through an experience, have a beat created to lay your story down over and for it to all flow so effortlessly in just 3 days is mind blowing to me. Is there anything this dynamic duo can’t do?!

Take a listen to “Misiones” below and comment what types of crazy missions you’ve had to go through in order to get some of that sexy time with bae!

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