When I think of Brray and Joyce Santana’s music the first two words that come to mind are BARS and FUEGO and along with that you can expect to hear some hard-hitting beats. But lets not get it twisted, these Island born and bred rappers also have a softer side for the baby’s and they showcase that on their latest single “La Mejor.”

” Duermo feliz como todo un infante..tengo la que quiero cuando me levante, siempre pendiente a que nada le falte y al que respeto le falte firme sentencia de muerte,un pasaje pa Martes”

Produced by YC and Hi D3f, Brray and Santana let their girls know they ride or die for them and this is one track I can see the whole crowd singing along to at their shows. Have I mentioned the energy at their shows is insane?!SHEESH!


Take a listen to “La Mejor” below and dedicate this to your babygirl fellas!

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