It’s not Wednesday yet but I’m making her my #WCW!

I don’t know how I wasn’t put on to this R&B unicorn before but I’m so glad I am now! Releasing her debut solo album Fin just a few days ago, Syd has fed my soul and then some with her beautiful and pleasantly unexpected vocals and lyricism.

With tracks such as “Body,” “Shake Em Off,” and my personal favorite “Got Her Own” this young artist is a star on the rise and I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for her.

Shake Em Off

Drowning in doubt and frustration
Can’t sleep cause I’m anxious
Counting sheep and all
(Nah I just woke up)
Sipping some liquor go figure
Getting lit with my niggas
Cause we done seen it all
Don’t worry bout what I’m doing
What’s it to you
If I live dazed and confused
This isn’t for your amusement
This ain’t no pay per view
It’s just the life that I choose”

Got Her Own

“Heard she got her own
Heard she drive a Beemer and she got it on her own
Heard she was a dreamer but she sleeping all alone
I just wanna meet her ’cause I just wanna know
I heard she got her own
Heard she got her own
And I just wanna know
But I heard she got her own
Got her own”

Take a listen to Fin on iTunes now and please don’t sleep on Syd, she’s coming for all you R&B crooners!

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