If you’re looking for a dose of motivation for anything from continuing on in the pursuit of your dreams to even just getting up and going to the gym, then I highly recommend you take a listen to Big Sean’s latest album I Decided.

This offering is filled entirely with inspirational story telling and beats that make you want to go hard every damn day. With features from his boo Jhene Aiko to Jeremih, Migos and even his fellow Detroit native, Eminem, there’s a song on here for everyone to relate to.

Previously released singles “Bounce Back” and “Moves” set the tone for what we could expect on this project and they remain standouts as well as “Sacrifices” ft. Migos, “Jump Out the Window,” and “Light” ft. Jeremih.


“I done made sacrifices, so many sacrifices 
I done gave up so much free time knowing time ain’t free
Fuck it I sacrificed it
My girl show me love, she know I made sacrifices 
And if it’s real real love then you make sacrifices
To get ahead man you gotta make sacrifices 
Fuck it though that’s how hungry my appetite is”

Jump Out the Window

“Straight up, straight up, look
Know ya momma didn’t raise you to take no disrespect, yeah
I feel, I feel like real queens know how to keep the game in check, yeah
You cried on my phone the whole night
That time he crossed the line yeah, yeah, yeah
(Oh I was there) I went to straighten his ass out
And you told me never mind yeah, yeah, yeah
The question isn’t, “Do he love ya?” The question is, “Do ya love yourself?”
You give the best advice to your friends and not take it for yourself
Remember when you used to come through and hit the Mario Kart
And you always picked the princess
I realized you was princess way back then
We the best thing that never happened, but..”


“No matter how much they gon’ shade you
No, man they can’t fuck with the light
They can’t stop the shine
They can’t fuck with the light, hell nah the boy’s that bright
Even if you take away my life, you can’t take the light
No matter how much they gon’ shade you”

The Underdog Just Turned Into a Wolf

Cop I Decided on iTunes now and catch Big Sean on tour this Spring!



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