Ok ok Future you were already on our radar this year but we definitely see you now!

Future just hit us with the back to back by dropping 2 new albums FUTURE and HNDRXX. I personally wasn’t too impressed with FUTURE but HNDRXX on the other hand did it for me.

Future is kind of known for having that tough guy persona but he gets personal on HNDRXX and he claims this is the album he’s always wanted to make saying “this is the “honest” album I was supposed to be honest about.”

The artist expressed that honesty on my two personal highlight tracks of the project “Coming Out Strong” ft. The Weeknd and “Selfish” ft. Rihanna – the only two features on the album by the way.

Coming Out Strong ft. The Weeknd

“I might end up with your hoe if I take one
Nowdays if they don’t have a story, they gon’ make one
Last night I gave my heart to a fake one
I done end up on the blogs with the wrong one
It’s hard to tell the real stories from the fake ones
‘Cause nowdays if they don’t got it they’ll make one

The only time I feel alive when I taste (still…)
I wanna vent but I know it ain’t safe (still…)
Must be out of your mind, do you know who I am?
Used to hit it from behind, do you know who I am?
I can’t give you all my time, do you know who I am?
Make you fall in love tonight, must don’t know who I am, I am

I showed you a million, no videos
I opened up Bentley doors, I invented doors
Bodies droppin’ and we duckin’ the law
If you the one to take the blame, you can’t say what you saw, no

They take my kindness for weakness
Still comin’ out strong
Still comin’ out strong”

Selfish ft. Rihanna

“Broken lies
Driving backwards
Making all the wrong turns
Saying all the wrong words
Dodging angels

Oh, let’s not be alone
Let’s not be alone
Let’s be one
Oh, let’s not be alone
Empty thoughts fill the room
Breathe for me and I’ll breathe for you

Let’s be selfish, selfish, baby

You can take a listen to both HNDRXX and FUTURE on all musical platforms now. I actually fuck with “I’m So Groovy” on FUTURE, that one is classic Future vibes.



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