I’ve already said this a million times before but what in the hell is in the water in Toronto that so many artists are not only coming from there but they’re ridiculous talented as well?!

Joining The Weeknd’s XO crew, Toronto native, NAV, dropped his debut self-titled project about a week ago and it’s been my go to on my playlist ever since I took a first listen.

This 11 track mixtape was written, produced and mixed by the artist and includes a feature from The Weeknd himself on “Some Way.”

“Now you gettin’ mad because you got replaced
The brown boy and the Starboy on a track
Haters gonna say “this shit is wack”
I went to the hills straight from the trap
I’ma fuck your bitch and give her back
She said she pop pills, I told her “Stop it”
Check my little pocket, I got options
I’m the first brown boy to get it poppin’
If I say the word, my shooters gonna pop ’em”

And as if this debut effort wasn’t enough, NAV has a collaborative project with Metro Boomin on the way titled Perfect Timing. 

Coming out the gate strong, get a little dose of NAV on Apple Music now!

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