Well I don’t know how your Friday night went down last night but I decided to stay home and ended up being blessed by the release of a new track from Frank Ocean titled “Chanel.” Look at God!

Dropping on the second episode of his Beats 1 show, Blonded, the track played about 18 times with a hidden remix version of the song featuring A$AP Rocky!



“My pockets snug
They can’t hold my 7
They banned my Visa
My Amex and Mastercards
I got new money
And it’s all cash
I got new bags
And they all collabs
I rubber band a bunch of thousand dollar Delta gift cards
Amazing the cash online unknown
Blazing the dash counting money at home”


“Our lives are factual and actual
Plus you natural and match well
Burdens on my back look like a shell
Purple act, I’m moving like a snail
Both sides even like equal
Both eyes gleaning like a scale
Green and blue, hundreds turning tale
Green and blue, money colored tales
Was such a good guy to Chanel
’til she caught me sleeping with Charel
The Range, Royce, ring, like Pharrell
Bling so she see that I’m for real
Picture me, a fire burn in Hell
Photography like David LaChapelle
Black lapels and nappy ponytail
Make ’em call me Flacko Lagerfeld”

I’ve had this song on repeat all day – it’s definitely a vibe and I’m high off it’s frequency.

I see both sides like Chanel
See on both sides like Chanel

It’s really you on my mind
It’s really you on my mind
It’s really you
It’s really you on my mind

Turn that ish ALL THE WAY UP!

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