Sheesh! Whenever Mike Will Made It and Big Sean link up together you know a banger is on the way!

Previously teaming up on Big Sean’s single “Paradise” off of his third album Dark Sky Paradise, the duo are back collaborating on Mike Will Made It’s latest offering “On The Come Up” which will be released on his debut studio album Ransom 2 which is set to drop this week.

“I feel like I was chose to
Take care of the ones I’m close to
Kitchen lookin’ like Whole Foods
Got the fam’ around like it’s Soul Food, damn
I do this here for the set
Working all year ’til we set
Quick to check a bitch, yeah I check her
Even though life’s a game of chess
‘Cause I’m living play-by-play, day-by-day
No time for her honestly
Unless her face lookin’ like a young Sade
‘Cause I gotta get it a hundred ways
What you know ’bout bein’ down and out?
‘Til niggas sayin’ you the best man
Like your best friend walkin’ down the aisle
When you make it, they gon’ say
I owe you in all kind of vowels
When you makin’ all kinda of thous
I just want the Presidential Rollie black face, Obama style
Then count the check up, E. Honda style
Boy, this the D where they be rockin’ fur and crocodile
Take your risk every time you out the house
But it’s all worth momma’s smile..”

Ok Sean Don go off!

This song is giving me that extra little push to grind even harder each day just to make my momma smile!

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