“Estoy tan cabrón que me convertí en un Mood”

Brray is spittin’ the damn truth on his newest joint “Mood” because there are definitely times where I put his music on first thing in the morning and all day I’m in that “can’t tell me nothin’ ” state of mind.

Produced by Young Martino, “Mood” is a tough track where Brray flexes a lil bit and lets these dudes know what kind of level he’s on!

“Hasta Martino me ha tenio que regañar, el trapeo es de verdad sin tener que engañar, me la vivo porque puedo y no soy de frontiar pero sin miedo en la cara te la voy a cantar…”

Brrr! It’s the effortless way that Brray fronts that makes me like him so much as an artist- he doesn’t have to try to be what he’s not, he just is and that’s the #mood I’m trying to be in every damn day.

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