It’s official, after listening to Lyanno’s latest track “Gritos & Posiciones” I can confidently say he’s the Puerto Rican version of Trey Songz.  I mean sheesh! With his lush vocals and his sexually driven lyrics, there’s no way he doesn’t have the ladies charged up fantasizing about the scenarios he sings about.

” Solo han pasado unas horas, mi bellaquera por ti no demora y quiero cogerte otra vez, en mis hombros tus pies, en mi cara tu piel, tu boca duro pide, me mojastes sin querer…no es suficiente dijiste mas maltrato me exigistes y en cuatro te vire y con mi lengua te quite gritos & posiciones…”

Listen to the Legendary Music and NeoNazza produced “Gritos & Posiciones” below and make sure to use protection kids, this that baby making music foreal!

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