Young Gerald turned 28 this past week and to celebrate with his fans he decided to drop 4 new tracks compiled into a playlist titled “Loosies” on SoundCloud.

“Loosies” includes the Snoop Dogg assisted “Get Mine” which is my go-to of the four, “Maximum,” “Special Love” ft. Dakari and “Eyes Closed.”

“Outta work, outta time, look I’m out of it all
My bros got my back, won’t allow me to fall
My banker is tellin’ me he’s proud of us all
You rappers are broke, what’s the problem with y’all?
You’re not original, there’s a thousand of y’all
I heard your concerts are not crowded at all
I’m lit in the club, took her down in the stall
I been a real one, look, I walk ‘fore I crawl
I’m straight to the point, Gerald’s back in his bag
Brain in the whip, seat back in the Jag
Fuckin’ up a check, see the price on the tag
Vacation in Kauai, man, life is a drag
Anything goes, that’s life in the jungle
Leave her around me, you might be in trouble

This should be enough to hold fans over until the Bay Area rapper releases his follow up LP to When It’s Dark Out, but then again can you ever really have enough G-Eazy?!

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