I’m a sucker for love and Hip Hop and Meek Mill’s latest offering “Whatever You Need” featuring Chris Brown and Ty Dolla Sign is the perfect combination of that.

“Yeah, you can get whatever you want, whatever you need
Got a one way flight ’cause I ain’t lettin’ you leave
We ain’t fuck first night, had me beggin’ you please
But you love when I’m beggin’, you told me get on my knees
And I ate it, we got faded
You said, “Put some Tory Lanez on” and I played it
In Philly, we say you the main joint and we save it
Finally got a rich nigga, baby, you made it
Long as you hold me down, you know that it’s goin’ down
Be there when I turn around and I’ll turn your world around
I had to tone it down ’cause you made me slow it down
But I got you open now, so I’m ’bout to show you now, show you now…”

“Whatever You Need” is the type of track you dedicate to your ride or die and then get busy while listening to it ( or maybe that’s just me.) LOL

Take a listen to the CB and Ty Dolla Sign assisted single on Apple Music and comment your thoughts!

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