Keeping it 100, I’ve never really payed much attention to 21 Savage’s music, it’s always just been “aight” to me but this Atlanta rapper definitely caught my ear with the release of his debut album ISSA.

This 14 track offering is filled with some hard-hitting production thanks to Metro Boomin, DJ Mustard and Southside to name a few and to be honest…issa VIBE! Some of my favorite tracks are “Famous” and “Whole Lot,” where 21 essentially raps about how his career has flourished and the fruits he’s reaping from it.


Rags to riches, nigga came from the bottom
Hood rats, now a nigga fuckin’ on models
Ridin’ in the foreign, remember ridin’ on MARTA
Grind got harder and my mind got smarter
I was gettin’ bags for the cheap
When I ain’t had money, I was robbin’, nigga
I was gettin’ bags for the free
21 Gang, they were right beside me
And they still with me, nigga, I’m on TV
Couple niggas switched up, bitched up, fuck ’em
I can’t go nowhere without a pistol or a rubber
I’m too, too player to put a bitch before my brother
I’m too street smart, nigga, to serve a undercover
Niggas tryna clone a nigga’s shit, damn, woah
Used to drive a hotbox, shit, Lambo
Niggas want a handout, shit, mine broke
I grinded for this shit, I grinded for this shit
Can’t change on my game, niggas still here
Kinda hard to change my ways ’cause the shit real

The 24 year old artist really got me though with his softer tracks “FaceTime” and “Special” where he’s pretty much swoonin’ over his girl.


She got me in my feelings (forreal)
Buy a brand new Bentley (forreal)
Buy her new Chanel (forreal)
I don’t kiss and tell (no)
Her diamonds raindrop (yeah)
Stay down when the fame stop (yeah)
She be scratching on my tank top
Real niggas ‘gone make the pain stop
Bad bitch you gone ride with me ’till the wheels off (21)
Baby, you ‘gone calm me down when I’m pissed off (21)
I’m a savage so your panties might get ripped off (take ’em off)
Your ex didn’t know how to appreciate you now he missed out

We got something special
We got something special
We got something special
We got something special
I was finna text you
But I ain’t wanna pest you
Even if we ain’t together (no matter we’re forever)
I’m still coming to your rescue

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like this album. 21 Savage definitely made me take a couple seats with this project!

Take a listen to ISSA Album and let me know which tracks you’re vibing to the most.



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