It’s only been a few months since BK artist, Joey Bada$$ dropped his sophomore album All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ but he’s already gifting his fans with new music on Soundcloud.

Just last week Joey released 3 new tracks – “Too Lit,” “5oo Benz” and my personal favorite “Love Is Only A Feeling.” What can I say I have a soft spot for rappers that have bars about love.

Look, I love her curves but what’s more preferred
Is the way she articulates words
Can’t help observe and stare
When she in the mirror
Masculine massacre while she fixing her hair
I mean she so perfect
In her own little world
We built the foundation, everything I want in a girl
And it’s a matter of time until her last name mine
You got potential baby, just imagine us combined
I wanna see you shine like the gem that you are
Want you be so secure that they can see from afar
That you don’t need another man
And you can stand on your own
Let’s keep stacking your bread
And one day we gonna get gone
And get, away from here
You’re the only reason I be, staying here

Wanna paint a picture, let’s make it clear
The future so bright baby, race you there

Take a listen to all 3 tracks below and comment your thoughts!

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