“You just got bodied by a singin’ nigga!”

After 2 years without releasing any new content, Derek Novah a.k.a. Your Girls Favorite Singer a.k.a. Young Maelo has finally blessed us with what he’s been working on and he came out the gate strong!

It’s only been a week since the artist dropped “Fugitiva” (Aquí Aquí) and it’s already making noise on Noisey  ( no pun intended) and receiving nothing but love from both his Day 1 fans and newly acquired ones.

Novah took time off from releasing anything new because he wanted to reinvent himself in a sense and he’s done just that. With a fresh new sound that’s eclectic as ever infusing Trap, Dancehall, Reggaeton, R&B and Afrobeat, Derek gave us just a little taste of what he’s been creating with this Mr.Naisgai produced track.

With his incomparable vocals and a unique new sound, I don’t think this new wave of artists are truly ready for Derek Novah to be back yet!

Otro palo pa’ las babiessss Otro palo pa’ las babies

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