The trio that is Brray, Joyce Santana and Young Martino have been steady in the lab getting their creative juices flowing and they’re back with a new piece titled “Bajo Sustancias.”

Expanding on the phrase “Drunken words are sober thoughts” Young Martino provides the menacing beat for Brray and Joyce to go in calling out their girls for only hittin’ them up when they’re under the influence and you know I have to admit they’re on to something with this one because even my inhibitions go out the window and my bad gal comes out to play with a few drinks in my system.

“Si no es por el alcohol tu nunca me quieres, cuando le das al éxtasis tu me prefieres, si no fumas cripy la baby no me quiere, porque bajo sustancias tu me prefieres…”

Whatever your drug of choice may be, once the effects start kicking in emotions start taking over and it’s game over. Brray and Joyce narrate this story all too well.

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