It’s been a few days since NY native Dave East released his latest project Paranoia: A True Story and I’m not gonna lie, I slept on it but after taking a good listen to it I admit he did his thing on this EP.

In a recent interview with HNHH , East described a little bit about what to expect from Paranoia – “Pain. Im a nigga who wear my heart on my sleeve. so every project I put out is what Im going through in life.” “I dont’ want to say Im Paranoid, but Im Paranoid. Like I don’t know who the fuck around. There’s so many new faces coming at me every day so I don’t know who really fuck with me.” This sentiment is heard all throughout this 13 track offering with his witty wordplay but my favorite tracks are his previously released single featuring Chris Brown “Perfect,” “Found A Way,” and “My Dirty Little Secret.”


Oh, we ain’t friends no more?
Why you won’t listen no more?
Damn, I let a good girl go
Away, away, away, I’ve been
All around the world
And I’ve been lookin’ for you, searchin’
You deserve it ’cause you’re perfect (perfect)

You deserve it ’cause you perfect (perfect)
You make every moment worth it (every moment)

I’m flyin’ down Collins, I’m shirtless (skrrt)
Just thinkin’ how you might’ve curved it (might have curved it)
I knew you a minute, don’t act like you don’t know the business
I’ve been tryna get all up in it
Gave you my card, I don’t know ’bout no limit (swipe)
They can’t see us in it, that foreign was tinted (oh)
Nowadays they get too borin’ with niggas
In love with that pussy, adorin’ these women (I love ’em)
Pull out some Molly, bet all of them with it
If I take you shoppin’, make sure it’s expensive (cash up)
Nothin’ feel better than knowin’ that pussy for me (mine)
I’ve been a wolf in these streets

I hold my own in it, ain’t nobody took it from me (nobody)
I get women you wouldn’t believe
Eye on that money, I’m gon’ get high with your honey
Might take a trip out of the country
Know I got hoes, she not findin’ it funny
Her brain is so good, I can’t ride with no dummy
I only see you in Prada, not bummy
I’m from the streets, but your momma gon’ love me
I told her, “I never run out of this money”
Fall back on your homies, a lot of them love me
It’s ’bout to get ugly

Found A Way

I found a way
It was so hard to get what I wanted, I found a way (found a way)
I had to sacrifice for this life, I found a way (found a way)
Got sick and tired of wearin’ the same clothes, I found a way (found a way)
Got tired of seein’ the same hoes, I found a way (found a way)
I found a way
Any drug, any plug on deck, if you come around the way
I got dimes on the way
Ain’t got time for no games
Just wanna shine like a chain
I’m out my mind, out my brain (brain)
From the grind came the fame (fame)
20-thousand in my back pocket, sorry nigga, I ain’t got the change
(I ain’t got it)
Niggas that I grew up with, hate me more than ever
Charge it to the game (uh)
I just play the back seat, gettin’ top, while the driver switch lanes

My Dirty Little Secret

Like it’s written in Chinese it’s hard to read her
I poured an 8th in a liter knocking Aaliyah
It’s funny I fell in love with her Instagram
I’m picturing how I’ma fuck her, If I get to meet her
I don’t get to nap
What you do for a living?
Shit, my business rap
I’m outta town all the time, let me know if you can get with that
In 5 minutes flat I bag an ounce up,I was in the trap
It’s funny that ones that was closest don’t even give me dap
You claim you want me, that’s something that you just gotta prove
A lot a dudes in Gucci uniforms like it’s private school
Crazy me wearing these red-bottoms, done brought em out the blue
Young rich nigga, probably find me where Stella got her groove
Feel like I got her, so now I just gotta follow through
She telling me if we was together, I’d have to follow rules
I’mma see you, when I’mma see you, I make a lot of moves
I don’t need you but I might keep you
What do I gotta prove?

Don’t nobody know we speaking
Thinkin’ ’bout if I should keep it
You could be my little secret
Don’t nobody gotta know
Thinkin’ ’bout if I should eat it
If I’m workin’ then I’m workin’
If I’m creepin’ then I’m creepin’
Don’t nobody gotta know

I admit I never really took time to listen to Dave’s music but I’m glad that I did because his lyrics are cleverly intriguing, plus he’s FINE oh and he’s working with Tommy Hilfiger on an upcoming clothing line- ok Dave East I see you glowing all the way up!

Take a listen to Paranoia: A True Story and let me know which tracks you’re vibin’ to the most!

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