R&B songstress, Syd, has one of if not my favorite albums of 2017 with her solo debut Fin and she’s back feeding my soul with her latest single “Bad Dream/No Looking Back.”

“We only kiss when we fuckin’
So, we don’t get too attached
‘Cause if this turns into something, we know there’s no looking back
No looking back, nah baby
No looking back, nah baby

Pull up on you, “like what it do?”
I crack a brew, you turn on a movie
Nothing to do but lay under you
Roll something, play a little music
I take my time
If it go down, it go ’til the morning
If I go down, you won’t let me go
You gon’ love me girl before you know it
We don’t want that, no we don’t
We won’t commit, no we won’t
Just call me when you get done, call me when you get home”

Her sultry and equally soothing vocals make this the type of slow jam you can both start your day and end your night with.

Take a listen to Bad Dream/No Looking Back now and expect Syd’s next project Always Never Home to drop September 8th!

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