Its been a minute since I’ve been able to dedicate some time to writing a post – I had a whole list of different things I wanted to write about but I was recently put on to Peruvian artist, A.Chal and his music made me want to completely disregard everything and just introduce him to those who may not have heard of him yet.

First of all, I’m mad I just now caught wind of A.Chal, especially since he’s been around for a few years and has collaborated with A$AP Nast and French Montana and second of all I can’t believe none of my other friends have put me on to him before – I literally heard 2 of his tracks at this Italian restaurant/café in NYC called Oficina 1M. The first track to play was “Cuánto” ft. A$AP Nast and I was vibing so much the owner played another song of his called “Love N Hennessy” and I was hooked.

Both “Cuánto” and “Love N Hennessy” are featured on A.Chal’s latest project ON GAZ which released early June. The beats on this offering really stood out to me, the fusion between rhythmically smooth R&B and hard-hitting Hip Hop was mastered effortlessly all thanks to DJ Spinz, Business Boi, P On The Board, Fki 1st, etc. handling production.

But don’t get it twisted, my intrigue is not only with the production, A.Chal’s chill tone and bilingually infused lyrics have me hoppin’ on his wave and excited to hear more from him.

Reading up on him, I came across an interview he had with Billboard a few months back and I loved how he described his music:

“I call it big sexy because I feel like I see people trying to be hard right now, trying to put on this character of ‘fuck everything.’ And it’s like man, we’re doing this for the women at the end of the day. So it’s like, why can’t we just be chill and big sexy? Why we got to be extra?”

I agree A.Chal, some of these dudes are just doing too much and not really focused on making good music.

I love being introduced to music, especially when I legitimately fuck with it so s/o to Oficina 1M for playing some dope music at their spot.

And A.Chal, if you’re reading this, I know I’m late to the game with your music but I’m WOKE now!

Take a listen to ON GAZ on iTunes now and let me know if you’re feeling this project as much as I am!

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