I first caught wave of Baltimore raised, LA livin’ singer/songwriter Brent Faiyaz, from multiple tweets by one of my favorite content writers, Rae Witte and she did not lie, Faiyaz is TOO DAMN GOOD!

Brent just released his debut solo album, Sonder Son and from start to finish this 12 track project is laced with the most relatable, beautifully written lyrics I’ve heard in quite some time. It’s no wonder I like Syd’s album Fin so much seeing as how Faiyaz has writing credits on it. I also found out through his Highsnobiety interview that his favorite song is “Ex Factor” by Lauryn Hill who just so happens to be my all time favorite artist. It’s almost as if I was meant to come across his music because he has all of my favorite elements infused into it- a smooth R&B sound with lyrics that hit home for you.

Brent started in music by rapping but quickly came to realize that singing came more natural to him and I’m so happy he made that switch. His first singing song “Allure” was released on SoundCloud 3 years ago and slowly but surely he has made himself known and 2017 was nothing short of a great year for him and its only up from here!

It’s hard for me to choose just a few stand out songs from this album, I may be just a little bit obsessed with his soul and voice but “First World Problemz/Nobody Carez,” “Missin Out,” “Stay Down” and “All I Want” are must hears!

First World Problemz

“Everyday, I come late
Wash my clothes in the same sink
I don’t give a damn ’bout what they think
As long as I pay rent
I don’t even whine ’bout my paycheck
I know it is short, but i’ll make ends
‘Cause it could be a worse situation

All that glitters ain’t gold
And all that shines bright ain’t a diamond
And all that wrinkles isn’t old
And as far as you see, ain’t the horizon

Nobody Carez

Everybody want a motherfucking Benz or Beamer
Designer sneakers, ain’t no motherfucking dreamers
Shit is deeper than Neiman
Marcus or your Hollywood starlets
Underneath there’s niggas starving, impoverished
People don’t give no fucks, nigga
Trump don’t give a fuck
Your niggas don’t give a fuck
Your favorite artists don’t give a motherfucking fuck
Do you give a fuck, nigga?


Missin Out

“I just got off
I’m waiting on a friend to scoop me up
Oh, it’s hella cold out
But I had to get a way to call you up
I just got back from L.A
Yes, I plan to move
And I know that’s what they all say
But I’ma be someone to know soon

Come fuck with me
I ain’t got no plans for the weekend
Don’t know what you was thinking
But I don’t got no drinks for drinking
I got some weed for smoking
And I got some songs for listening
No I don’t got work in the morning
Shit you don’t know what you’re missing”

This 22 year old crooner has a lot of depth to him and I’m officially hooked and already ready to hear more new music from him.

Trust me, you don’t want to sleep on Sonder Son.

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