In my opinion, if I like more than 5 songs off an album then it’s an overall solid body of work-well I don’t know if it’s just because I’m going through some things in my personal life to the point where I feel like this album was written for my soul to heal but there’s literally NOT ONE song off of Dvsn’s latest project Morning After I don’t like and I think it’s majorly due to its carefully crafted lyrical content.

If you’re as much of an R&B lover as I am then this is a MUST listen for you.  The R&B duo that is Daniel Daley and Nineteen85 have really outdone themselves with this one so I’m just going to let the music speak for itself.


“Late night call your phone, yeah
Lately you have no time
You’re looking out for you now
Finally prioritize
And I knew you were but
I could say something, yeah
Sometimes it’s better when you yell than when you say nothing
But you’re getting tired of explaining everything that you need
Tomorrow wanted less stress, more sex, more carefree, yeah
Don’t wanna hurt no more, not over me cause
I’m not worth it and this ain’t workin’ and
Run out of words again

Now that you know
You were better than I was ready for, oh
It’s not like before, no
Tonight I’m making up for it all
For every time I let you cry
I will make your whole body smile”

Nuh Time/Tek Time

“I know you say that
People make time for
Shit that they want well
It’s not that I don’t want you
It’s that you want more
From me, from me
You make it hard to trust you
And right now you’re talking crazy
First marriage, then babies
Then test me, you hate me
But we still do the same thing all day
All day, all day, all day
Baby you always say

“I hate when it feels like
You don’t have time for me
Nuh time, nuh time”
No, no
You said, you said
“I hate when it feels like
You don’t have time for me
Nuh time, nuh time”
No, no”

The OVO squad stays lit!

Take a listen to Morning After now and comment your thoughts below!

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