OK OK, I’m about a week late to this track but Rexx Life Raj just released some heat along side G-Eazy and it’s exactly what I needed to hear in preparation to bringing in 2018 and getting those resolutions right!

If the below hook doesn’t hype you up to keep doin’ you & proving all these “nay sayers” wrong then I don’t know what will.

“All my life I told myself I’d be this (You know, I used to tell myself)
Now I’m here I know they hate to see this (Oh, they hate to see it)
But it’s too late to throw your shade (Way too late)
It’s too late to sing your hate (Way too late)
You won’t rain on my parade (No, no, no, no)
Because I’m forever lit
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah
Yeah yeah yeah, I’m forever lit”

Both rappers went in on their verses proving why you need to “give credit where credit is due.” These Cali boys really got those bars that make you take notice!

If you haven’t already, give a quick ear to “Forever Lit” and let this banger motivate you!

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