Kehlani has gained a tremendous amount of success within the last 2 years and she’s here to let people know that she DID THAT with her latest single “Already Won.”

In an industry…matter of fact, in a world where we’re constantly being critiqued on every little thing, Kehlani is no stranger to all of the curve balls life throws our way but her positive mindset has helped shape her “I stay winning” outlook on both her musical career and life and she’s making sure to spread that message to everyone whose open to appreciating and reflecting on all of those triumphs, both big and little, that make it all worth while.

I already won
I got the keys to my hood
Mama say she good
Doing what I should (I already won)
I got the world on my back
City on the map
No time to kick back (I already)
Stopped giving a damn about
When they tell me how I won’t make it out
I already won
I already, I already won

I’m nominated for a Grammy, AMAs, and BET Awards
Man, what an honor
Never dreamed I’d do all this before
But you can’t put a worth up on my art
That’s my story, that’s my heart
That’s my soul, fuck the fame
Keep the glory
‘Cause I made it out a city that ain’t pretty
And it’s tricky when you wanna show me love
Because it’s trendy, shit be iffy
If you love me when I’m up
It’s cause you see when I’m down
And only God can hand rewards
Or even give someone a crown
Because the critics bleed like I bleed
They eat like I eat
I don’t put you above me
Cause you gotta judge how I sing
Get to judge how I speak
Even judge how I breathe
Just two years ago
Yeah, you were sitting right in my seat
Starving hungry like me
So empathize beside me
Understand I’m highly favored
Fuck your favors—yeah, I got me

Baelani knocked it out the park once again with this one, take a listen to “Already Won” now and let me know if you’re feelin’ it as much as I am!

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