It’s been a minute since I’ve gotten some of that super sensual, just wanna Facetime bae and give him a reason to come over and do dirty things to each other (sorry mami & papi) music but I know I can always count on Lyanno to curate the mood and he’s done just that with his latest track “Otra Vez” featuring Myke Towers.

With Legendary Music setting the tone for a lust filled beat, both Lyanno and Myke waste no time getting down to it heating up their girls with arousing lyrics painting the perfect scenarios for a steamy night.

“Que tal si empezamos por donde nos quedamos la otra vez, que tal si nos besamos y la ropa nos quitamos otra vez…”

Whether you speak spanish or not, you know exactly what kind of vibe these Puerto Rican artists are trying to accomplish here, I mean GAH DAMN, Lyanno’s voice alone is enough to get a girl going.

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