It’s sad to say but there are very few female artists that I get excited about when I find out they’re going to release new music but there’s one Puerto Rican songstress that will always have my interest when dropping new music and that’s Deborah Blues.

Deborah has one of the most unique styles I’ve ever heard – she’s R&B, she’s soul, she’s got a subtle raspy tone that gives me a blues vibe (no pun intended ) yet her metaphoric lyrics make her a straight G.

Blues’ newest Pain Digital produced offering “Horas” shows why it’s worth waiting however long for new music from her. This song is the epitome of “quality over quantity” because some artists just drop music just to drop music and that’s not always a good thing if it doesn’t level up from what you’ve previously dropped.

From the saxophone at the end to Deborah’s sensuous vocals and bona fide lyrics being ON POINT, “Horas” is my new jam and I’m most likely going to burn the shit out of it in the weeks to come. LOL

“…Me embriago extrañándote y bebiendo Hennessy,ninguna de estas pendejas te lo va a mover así, di que si después es muy tarde pa querer arrepentir, de que nos vale pretender o presumir, de que me vale no hablarte y callarme cuando hay tanto que decir…de que me vale guardar todo esto pa ti….”

Gonna keep it 100 though I wish this song was a little bit longer only because it’s TOO GOOD. Take a listen to “Horas” below and comment your thoughts!

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