I’ve probably already mentioned this before but to reiterate,  when it comes to the writing process for my blog, I typically write down all of the new music, videos, fashion, etc. that comes out and when I finally get the chance to sit down, focus and write, I go through my list listening to everything and decide what actually inspires me…well I literally had about 10 different tracks/albums I wanted to check out but as soon as I heard Joyce Santana’s latest Young Martino produced song “3:01 AM” I completely disregarded everything on my list and felt the need to put pen to paper ASAP because this track needs to be heard by everyone!

How the hell he still has bars to lay down just blows my mind. Joyce manages to level up track after track and not with just one catchy hook, he actually makes you think with his music.

“Yeah, no estás deprimido, estás distraído
Estás aquí pensando en lo que se ha ido
Eso me digo a mí mismo, otro día frente al abismo
Pero seguiré aquí, espero que tú también hagas lo mismo

Yeah, viviendo en guerra y no vivo en Baghdad
Yo siempre he querido ser bueno, pero la gente solo sabe sacar la maldad
Los que están arriba siempre se olvidan de la ley de la gravedad
Yeah, yo vengo de abajo y si tengo que volver lo voy a hacer con dignidad”

If you’re over all the mumble rap and actually down to listen to music with substance then you need to add Joyce Santana to your playlist like yesterday!


After you’re done taking in the lyrics from “3:01” jump on to Joyce’s latest wave with his newest single “Te fuiste.”

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