What’s better than listening to a Joyce Santana or a Deborah Blues track? Listening to a collab from these poetic lyricists!

Produced by Kyoshi Reyes, Young Martino and Young Class, “Será Igual” is the latest from Blues and Santana and it’s a joint effort a long time coming and well worth the wait.

Both artists always get me with their incredibly relatable lyrics. They waste no time getting down to the nitty gritty and they somehow manage to make the ugly sound beautiful with their poetic ways.

“Será Igual” is so heart breaking that it’s healing.  If you’re going through a toxic relationship this is a MUST hear because it just might be the slap in the face you need to finally leave but don’t worry…Blues’ smooth vocals will ease you into the healing process and Joyce will give you the strength you need to finally say goodbye.

“…puede que no vuelvas,me da igual..puede que te quedes,será igual..puede que regreses,es igual…tu siempre diciendo que te vas y no te vas,no te vas,no… me voy por un tercero o las voy porque irme es lo que debería,dicen que es mejor irse a tiempo antes de que el amor se vuelva en costumbre o monotonía,nos extrañaremos con melancolía porque no paso lo que se suponía, tu quería yo quería pero Dios no quiso y así no se puede ni con brujería…”

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