The beauty of artists doing features is that it’s an opportunity for them to put other artists on and help them reach fans who would have other wise never found them.

This time around it was featured artist Drew Love from the R&B duo, They, that introduced me to Australian artist Tim Bettinson a.k.a. Vancouver Sleep Clinic after hearing their collab “Closure.”

Without this feature I honestly would have more than likely never found VSC because he’s an Indie artist and that’s not typically a genre I find myself listening to or even searching for but I’m so happy I found this atmospheric track because it truly is the definition of “issa vibe.”

Bettinson explains that “the song is for when you have really screwed up a good thing up but are way too attached to let that person go easily.” – DAMN do I know way too many who are either currently in that situation or have gone through it, myself included.

I don’t wanna be over you
If I can make you mine
I don’t wanna take closure now
If I can fix tonight
I don’t know if we can work this out, but I’ve got to try
I don’t wanna be over you
If I can make you mine

Say that it’s okay
I know that it isn’t
Say you need space
That is your decision
Say it to my face
Tell me how I’m tripping
This is something real
I’m what you’ve been missing

The relatability, vocals and the overall mood of this track make this the perfect joint to zone out too when you just need to be in solace and go through it.

Take a listen to “Closure” now and comment your thoughts!

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