Amara La Negra first popped up on my radar after a clip from the premiere of Love & Hip-Hop: Miami went viral. The Dominican artist basically found herself having to school music producer Young Hollywood on colorism after he insinuated her appearance would hinder her career. After the video hit the internet she was hit with a lot of criticism but because of it it opened up some ignorant minds on Afro-Latinos.


Amara La Negra was servin’ up melanin magic before the incident and it’s safe to say she will continue to do so on 100 because she released the video for her reggae infused single “What A Bam Bam” which samples Sister Nancy’s classic dancehall anthem “Bam Bam” and it’s my official mood for Summer ’18.


With pops of bold colors and Miami as her backdrop, Amara gets the party going with her infectious energy and that dembow you can’t help but to move to.

You can watch the video for What A Bam Bam now exclusively on Tidal!

“Digan Whoa las mujeres que no, que no les hace falta un hombre para vivir feliz!”

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